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Ever stay in a luxury resort that ended up not being as good as you anticipated? Maybe you were in a hurry to book somewhere to stay or you simply didn’t understand what to search for. The next time you are preparing to book somewhere to stay, here are just a few tips that will assist you narrow your search and then select the very best luxury hotel experience.

The story behind the resort

Our notion of a luxury resort is a place that’s been designed based on a particular philosophy, which becomes a subject and an experience. We’d far rather experience luxury accommodation in Tasmania which tells the story of a famous artist through their work, despite lacking the latest gadgets. Or a little beach resort in Miami Beach that brings us straight back into the heyday of trendy art deco style. This is what generates a feeling and an adventure and that’s worth more than any spa or private butler services.

Check in and Check out Services

At check in, luxury traveller’s do not wish to wait in a queue and why should they? The luxury resort of your choice must be up to pace with technologies for check in / out functions. Your hotel ought to be able to check visitors in on iPads upon entry. Another check in requirement should be your luggage needs to take no longer than 10 minutes to get to your room. A luxury resort should provide express or video checkout, and immediately settle any discrepancies in your invoice.

Luxury & Necessary Amenities

When you have certain luxurious or necessary conveniences you can’t live without while vacationing (Wi-Fi, relaxing luxury day spa services, a gym, casino, parking lot, swimming pool, high quality bedding and cushions, pub, etc.), create a record of those. Itwill certainly help you determine when picking out a long list of possible hotels, particularly if a single resort has absolutely everything in your listing.

Proximity and location convenience

While lots of luxury resorts have attractions on site like a golf course or tennis court, you likely did not visit whatever city you are vacationing in only to stay in the resort. If you do not have your own vehicle or a rental car with you, you are most probably walking for the duration of the stay, taking public transport or some type of cab service to the attractions that you need to enjoy. Use Google Maps or MapQuest to observe how much time it will take for travel to must see areas in your list from every resort you are likely to reserve and discover out whether the resort provides shuttle service to favourite attractions outside the resort.

Top-Notch Room Service

If you are the sort of individual to possess odd cravings at odd hours, then it is ideal to guarantee that the luxury resort you reserve has top notch room service capabilities. It’s probable you’ll get cranky once you’re famished, therefore ensuring the resort serves quality meals is essential. You do not wish to take a sip of coffee or a snack of your club sandwich and wind up spitting out it.

VIP Transport Services

Ease of traveling is a significant necessity when reserving a luxury excursion. If you have taken a trip anywhere before, you know that it is not just the flight which could be long, making your way to and from the hotel/airport could be a hassle as well. Luxurious resorts offering VIP automobile transport services to and from the airport can help to relieve some traveling strain.

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Occasionally it requires a pioneer and an innovator to unify us to grab new potential opportunities. Hobart’s new Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) established by gambler turned artwork promoter David Walsh has accomplished this. Seven years on from when MONA was opened to international acclaim, there is new life and a sense of newfound vitality in Tasmania’s capital and also the imagination is flowing through different areas of the Apple Isle.

There is a growing investment in Tasmanian infrastructure with Hobart sporting multiple cranes and frannas. This boost in infrastructure contains a runway expansion that provides better reach for global export markets and the agricultural industry is recovering, because of a weaker dollar.

Besides being the main attraction for nearly half of the Tasmania’s increasing number of first-time tourists, MONA has curated popular festivals like MONA FOMA (Festival of Music and Arts) and Dark Mofo.

MONA has shifted Australia’s perspective of Tasmania. MONA has raised expectations among Tasmanians of what is possible and that is extending to the north which is epitomised by the rise and development of new restaurants and resorts, particularly the growth of Hobart’s luxury accommodation market.

Upon the growing amount of all Tasmanians returning to their origins, many of them have observed the change in Tasmania’s fortunes. This is reflected in an annual financial report for the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry which shows the drop in the exchange rate is very important to agriculture, as it has helped propel the rise in tourism. Agriculture, tourism, health care, IT and healthcare providers are doing well with positive confidence in business.

Tourism contributes approximately $2.79 billion or 10.7 percent to Gross State Product and about 37,400 employment opportunities, around 15 percent of overall employment with an increase of boutique hotels in Hobart and the greater popularity of tourism areas.

Improved investment in local irrigation, and the dairy industry has helped enhance the agricultural industry. It is a noticeable change to the scenery as you travel along the Midlands highway between Launceston and Hobart.

Other work and investment that has been achieved include work by the Office of the Coordinator General such as attracting investment opportunities, handling major projects, implementing a data centre action strategy as well as limiting the regulatory liability worn by Tasmanian businesses.

In Launceston there is a population of 106,000 with expectations of a similar revival climbing following the announcement of programs from the University of Tasmania to create a brand new $260m riverside campus in Inveresk, opposite the CBD. It is projected that it will provide 430 positions of employment during construction from crane hire firms to timber suppliers and will attract around 10,000 pupils and increase opportunities for the area through education.

The areas award-winning Harvest Launceston farmers’ market has also spawned a growing assembly of local food, wine and produce companies. This market trend started in 2012, after the collapse of the Gunns timber company and the heavy loss of employment positions.

As a result of this has Fermentation Tasmania has emerged, a non-profit firm that intends to facilitate new product development, carry out research on fermentation, align with education institutions to develop training and skills and facilitate tourism along fermentation paths.

Tasmania still has plenty work to do in order to continue to boost its regional growth, which therefore needs relevant systems and governance that are firm in their processes, regional champions and cultural investment. TasFoods is constructing a larder of luxury food brands in supplying for both export and domestic markets.

Hard times

Tasmania’s north-west has found it rough going in recent times with the decrease in local mining as well as also the likes of Caterpillar shifting its production overseas. Caterpillar nevertheless has 200-plus highly skilled workers in Tasmania and there was great use of the University of Tasmania in coaching and assisting employees in finding new jobs.

Recently, the biggest problems in Tasmanian government have been found to be taxation, pub gambling machines, healthcare and schooling and education. It is worth noting that Tasmanian 15-year-olds are currently the nation’s worst performing pupils in maths, literacy and science.

Tasmania underspends on healthcare and its allocation to preventative health is one of the smallest in the nation. Greater levels of educational participation and success is likely to make a large difference in improving Tasmania’s financial performance with this finally coming back to the fact that Tasmania has Australia’s least-educated inhabitants and aged population.

The Tasmanian government has achieved a balance with the state’s financing as it currently does not have net debt and has helped revive business confidence. The big question going forward is: how sustainable will this growth be?


In case you’ve selected to go to a different country for plastic surgery, also know as cosmetic surgery tourism, there are many considerations to think about to minimise the risk of anything going wrong. Electing to have cosmetic or aesthetic plastic surgery overseas demands careful preparation and decision making based on facts.

1. Pick the Correct Procedure

Does the process you’re considering supply the improvements that you desire? Keep in the mind that surgery is not the solution for more profound or psychological disorders, but merely a physical change in appearance. When setting realistic expectations for plastic surgery, it’s essential to comprehend the improvements the process can offer. As an instance, you may be considering stomach liposuction when you need to find a healthier lifestyle. In another example, a breast lift will give you an enhanced look and confidence, but the belief may only be temporary so consider whether it is worth it.

Can you fully understand the process and potential complications? Be sure to know what the process involves revolving scars, recovery period and related dangers. Your doctor and their team also act as high-quality advisors who guide you along the way and recommend the best route for you.

Are you a fantastic candidate for the procedure you’re thinking of? Speak with the physician about your anticipated outcome to be sure it’s reasonable. It’s also critical for the surgeon to perform a health screening to ascertain whether you’re at risk for the complications. Some existing health conditions and lifestyle choices such as obesity and smoking can increase the risk of complications. Therefore, think about reducing the risk factors before commencing plastic surgery.

2. Pick Your Surgeon Carefully

What’s the physician’s training? Confirm the surgeon is educated and experienced in performing the procedure you’re thinking about. Ensure you are comfortable around them and that the doctor is clear about all the instructions involved. When looking at different surgeons, come up with a list of essential requirements and do best practice benchmarking to determine the best fit.

Do the essential employees at the physician’s office talk your language fluently? In case you can’t be readily known, be ready for complications. Communicating your needs and concerns is imperative to ensure that you can have a conversation with at least one staff member.

With whom are you communicating? You ought to be speaking directly with the physician’s staff along with the physician. Talking through a travel agent should be about the travel arrangements and not the procedure itself.

Have you assessed the physician’s references? Request names and contact information of individuals who’ve recently had comparable processes and contact them regarding their experience with the physician, their staff, aftercare centres and postoperative follow-up.

Contact the surgeon and request his/her safety record. The World Health Organization (WHO) developed a 19-question surgical safety record which, when employed, can decrease surgical complications and surgical deaths. This simple checklist may be utilised in an assortment of surgical settings without added expenses. Ask if your physician uses the WHO checklist.

Is the clinic licensed or certified? Ensure you request a certificate and name of the certifying body. There are different regulations in every country and ensure they are compliant with the most prominent institution in the country, or world-wide renowned organisations such as The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

3. Create a Plan

Does your private medical insurance policy cover you out of your own country? Most health insurance companies don’t include people for an operation performed out of their nation. With the development of medical tourism, international medical coverage is getting more prevalent. Request if the policy is available through your insurance broker.

Where are you going to stay as you recover? Patients should remain in the region where the operation was performed for a minimum of one week, based upon the process. Travelling too soon after surgery increases the probability of pulmonary embolism and blood clots. Figure out beforehand where you will remain and when this facility is well prepared to take care of your postoperative needs. You can book into a nearby hotel or resort as long as your doctor is nearby in case of postoperative complications. It is a good idea to have a family member or friend travel with you to help you in the days after surgery and accompany you along the journey.

What about issues and follow up maintenance? Even if surgery is suitably done, there may still be a possibility for complications. What physician will take care of you once you return home for those who have difficulties? Ensure you notify your GP about your surgery and bring back a detailed report.

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So you have just started blogging and you have decided reached a point where you want to take it the next level?

Vlogging is now a huge deal in the blogging world. The massive popularity of websites like YouTube means that lots of bloggers are turning to video content to get more site traffic. The penultimate question is, how can you get in on the action? And exactly what do you have to know before you begin? Our vlogging manual has all the answers you need!


Vlogging platforms

The first step is establishing what video platforms you will upload your content too. I know it may seem like we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but its crucial to have a roadmap to the end goal. A video platform is a website which you can upload and share your movie content on, which you can then embed articles on your initial blog.

With approximately 72 hours of footage uploaded each moment, YouTube is the undisputed king of blogging. It is easily the most common video-sharing platform on the internet. The only downside is that EVERYONE uses YouTube, including your rivals. There is also a lot of jargon and spam content, and this can make your videos hard to find. Ultimately, YouTube has a strong reputation and is probably the best choice over alternatives such as Vimeo. Vimeo is much more compact than You Tube, which means there’s a whole lot less crap clogging it up. It’s a great alternative if you’re searching for a more innovative and constructive community. Features include a movie college to help users enhance their videos.

If you would like to upload an exceptionally long movie, Veoh ought to be your choice. There are no size limitations on uploads. Therefore it attracts people who wish to view longer videos. This is really helpful when you’re an aspiring filmmaker.

Video editors

There are unlimited numbers of free movie tracking program. If you’re a complete beginner then Windows Movie Maker is a safe bet, because it’s supremely simple to use. You may drag and drop clips to the program, in which you can edit and re-arrange how you wish. Special effects are simple to use, as are soundtracks, captions, and credits. You may then save the video as a movie file, or upload it directly to Facebook or YouTube.

IMovie is also a fantastic option for movie-making novices, also includes Mac products as a regular, and Garage Band for editing audio. Like Windows Movie Maker, you can easily upload movies to social websites.

If you don’t mind paying for a more intuitive alternative, you can subscribe to Adobe for their Creative Suite, which will come with Premiere and After Effects. These two programs provide flexible control over the project and are highly versatile.


The technical stuff: cameras, sound, lighting and web design

The simplest way to picture your articles is to use a webcam. Webcams are relatively standard in notebooks these days, and their video and audio quality is usually not great. Utilizing an external webcam is a better alternative.

If you are likely to be filming a lot of your blog posts outside then be sure that you invest in a good digital camera, and use a tripod or glide-cam – there is nothing worse than shaky image! The greater your camera, the better your audio is very likely to be, but you might also gain from buying an external mic and plug it in your camera, to remove background and wind noise. GoPros and extendable arms are fantastic options if you’ll be on the move.

Lighting can make all of the difference to how professional your blog place seems, especially if you’re shooting inside. Wherever possible make the most of pure light and be sure the origin of lighting is behind the camera. If you end up filming an increasing number of blog articles, you could start looking into soft lights and ring lights, but it is not essential for newcomers.

The above sorts out your video content, you will want to ensure your personal website is engaging. For a fluent user experience and an aesthetic modern feel, look into hiring a professional web designer to have unique website made. If you want to generate more traffic so your website can be found, you can see an adwords specialist to assist you.



So, you’ve decided on your equipment, video editing software and platform; Now is the time to plan what you are going to say or do on your video. Will it be a travel diary, product review, or a tutorial? Whatever it is that you need to say, be engaging! If you feel lost, try looking at other logs you like watching. Think about the details which you admire like presenting or background fashion. It is nice to take inspiration from the vlogging heroes, provided that you create those ideas your own.

If we used a travel blog as an example, the best way to generate the relevant content is to go and live it. You could purchase a holiday package in Tasmania and video review your experience in your private room. Further expanding on this example, you might discover that a brief search on YouTube returns little info on reviews for day spas. Now you have identified a gap in the market, this is an excellent excuse to book yourself into a spa retreat. The purpose of vlogging would be to present your blog in an entirely new dimension to display your character more deeply.

Another fantastic way to get started would be to include an ‘about’ movie into your side-bar. This is sometimes a brief clip inviting visitors to your website and introducing yourself as well as the themes and topics you specialize in. Whatever you decide to blog about, allow your character shine through – it is why your readers go back to your website, and video is a different medium that visually allows you to express your ideas and opinions.


People in the know have observed Tasmania‘s increase in the past few decades, luring young and older travellers across the Bass Strait using its ever-impressive mixture of cutting-edge culture, breath-taking food and beverage, and postcard-perfect all-natural splendour. Here are some convincing reasons and attractions that will hopefully persuade you to visit the wonder that is Tasmania.

MONA: The most obvious one, let us get it out of the way first. There is no getting beyond MONA among the significant drawcards into the Great Southern Land’s small southern territory. In case you haven’t yet heard the cries of glory about this museum by mastermind David Walsh, then you haven’t lived. This is a museum like no other; you will see a variety of exciting and disturbing artefacts after the ferry ride from Salamanca. A cultural experience, MONA will leave you wondering about the many facets of life.

The Pace: Let’s face it rapid city life is seldom a recipe for long-term holistic wellbeing. If you are looking for an escape from the daily hustle, then Tasmania is your destination. Among the greatest things about Tasmania is that the laid-back speed of life. You get high-class hospitality and a genuine Australian experience without the traffic jams and constant city distractions. With the mountains in view instead of skyscrapers, you will feel worlds away from your day job. You will feel secluded in one of the many boutique hotels in the region ready to provide you with the escape you have been craving.

The Hospitality: Tasmania may be small, but it does not lack in catering for tourists and visitors. The sophisticated economy means that you will never be bored. As you keep reading, you will discover the fantastic food, festivals and natural attractions for you. The people are welcoming and polite you can relax and get facials with your girlfriends or go for muscle relaxants to rejuvenate. The kids will never be bored or hungry with the variety of activities and family-friendly restaurants and hotels. The point is that Tasmania is up to date with the latest experiences and services.

The Food: Among Australia’s most significant tourism draws is its delicious fresh produce and culinary creations, as well as anyplace in the country Tasmania heads the listing when it concerns the freshest, tastiest and most advanced foods. The rich soil, pure water, and fresh atmosphere may have something to do with this so also, access to an unbelievable selection of fresh-caught fish, a relaxed setting in which to dine, along with a burgeoning restaurant business buzz that has acquired its eyes increasingly fixated down south. You can enjoy local feeds from food trucks during the day and then indulge in fine dining at Hobart’s luxurious restaurants by night.

The Festivals: Hobart used to be a simple, quiet place even called ‘Slowbart’ by the rest of Australia, however that has changed in recent years as major music, and cultural festivals such as Dark MOFO and The Falls Music and Arts Festival have made their way down, bringing along with them music enthusiasts from around the country. Thrill seekers will not be bored in festival season, which usually runs towards the end of the year and after the new year begins.

The Devils: Tasmanian ones, those cute looking bears. Tassie devils in the wild are on the decline, but that doesn’t mean you can’t say hi at a local sanctuary. A word of warning, they are carnivorous and have sharp teeth so don’t get too close. These critters only exist on the small continent and cannot be found on mainland Australia. Forget koalas; these creatures are way more interesting (but less cuddly…).

The Outdoors: Along with being rife with some of the most jaw-dropping natural landscapes in the world, a whole group of Tasmania’s outdoor icons also have fairly sweet names. Take Wineglass Bay, with its gorgeous curl of blue and sand water The Bay of Fires, using its striking orange lichen-covered granite boulders. Freycinet National Park’s surreal pink-tinted mountains are a must see; the pristine, untouched views are worth the trip itself. Cradle Mountain is a popular destination to see the views as well as Cataract Gorge where the family can enjoy a chairlift ride and family-friendly walking paths.

The Whisky: Whisky fans unite! You don’t need to travel all the way to Scotland to experience world-class whiskey, Tasmania is a much closer and friendlier alternative. There are several famous distilleries that you can tour including Hellyers Road and Lark Distillery, one of the originals in the region. The whiskey found down there has a distinct taste and feel, worth a try for those who are enthusiasts and want to flavour some local specialties.

To most, travelling the planet whilst conducting your own business is a fantasy lifestyle. Not only are you in a position to choose which destination on the planet you’re going to be working out of, you will also have the ability to pick your functioning hours and match them throughout your lifetime. Should you would like to pursue the nomad lifestyle then you will have to be disciplined on your own, and be certain you set in the essential job which will enable your company to flourish.

If you are trying to travel the world whilst conducting your own company then we propose using business models which are simpler to handle whilst on the move. We advocate having a dropshipping business design in case you are trying to conduct a company whilst travelling the planet, it is easy to begin and you won’t have to spend hours slaving on your notebook daily. As well as an adapted business model, you will also need a strong mobile quality management system to ensure your goods are up to standard and adopt an online coaching business if this is your first time running a business.

In this guide, we’ll explain to you ways to conduct your own dropshipping business easily, wherever you’re travelling. In the conclusion of the article, you will be prepared to dive into your experience as a globetrotting entrepreneur.

Let us begin: Running a Dropshipping Business

If you are trying to run your e-commerce business whilst you are traveling the world, we strongly advise that you decide to conduct your shop with a dropshipping model.

What is dropshipping? Simply, it is a business model which makes it possible for entrepreneurs to conduct their very own e-commerce shops without managing any stock. It follows you will not ever have to worry about crowding goods or squandering precious small business funds renting a storage area for your merchandise.

Rather than handling your shops stock, you will simply store your merchandise in your supplier’s warehouse before a client places an order. When a client has purchased a product, you get in touch with your provider who will then send it straight to the customer’s door. A drop shipping company is easy to set up, and you will have the ability to handle it from anywhere in the world, this is the reason it’s the ideal business model for someone who’s travelling around the world. You could sell anything from apparel and kitchen goods to surgical instruments and even special dental instruments.

Now we have covered the very best business model to conduct your company with, it is the time that we supply you with a few actionable suggestions which can assist you to succeed as a globetrotting entrepreneur. Below you will get some advice with an established track record which will assist you successfully balance work and play with. Let us go.

Establish Yourself Achievable Goals

If you are enthusiastic about getting an entrepreneur and you really feel you could succeed, it can be easy to become discouraged if you do not find instant success. Yes, a few entrepreneurs can earn $5000 within their very first week, however, the odds that you are going to have the ability to make this much in earnings during your first week are slim, especially if it’s your first time running your shop.

Rather than setting unrealistic expectations on your own, set achievable goals depending on the period of resources and time which you are committing to your own e-commerce company. Not only can this assist you to keep a positive mindset with your shop, but it will also help you prioritise your activities. Entrepreneurship is a very long trip, and it is crucial that you just bare this in your mind on bad times.

Use Your Time Wisely

If you are an entrepreneur who’s travelling the planet, it is crucial that you organise your time wisely. It is very likely you will not have the ability to commit daily solely to growing and running your company, so you will want to be effective and efficient and have proper time management Melbourne.

Be sensible with the quantity of time which you will want to work to complete certain tasks, and attempt to comprehend that hours of the day you will be best. If you are usually an early riser, devote a few of your morning to do the job. If you feel you are a night owl then perform your adventuring throughout the day and devote the day to your job. Learn exactly what fits you best, and use it to your benefit.

It can be tough to keep a program, and it is going to surely be more challenging if you are travelling the planet, however, you can make sure your company prospers with intelligent planning and considerable preparation. If you realise that you can not work because of a few unforeseen circumstances then you will have to be certain you compensate for all those lost hours at a subsequent date, e-commerce is a competitive business and it is crucial that you remain in front of the audience.

Learn to Be Your Own Boss

As a business person who’s travelling the planet, it is very likely you’re going to be working your enterprise solo, at least once you are getting started. Bearing this in mind, it is vital you understand the way to be your own boss. Have a thought-out job management system in place.

Being your own boss has a lot of advantages. You will have the ability to determine the place at which you’re going to be working out of, the number of hours which you’re going to be working daily, along with the tasks that you’re going to be prioritising. But once you are your own boss, the achievement of your e-commerce company will fall on your shoulders, so it is vital that you are strict with your job output.

A huge suggestion to keep high-quality work output signal from your self is to write everything down that you have done during the last week and inquire you the way your boss would feel if you’re working under someone. Be truthful with yourself and evaluate your performance. Should you find some areas for improvement then be certain you’re working.

Locate a Stable Workplace

Whether you are travelling to another country each week, or else you are located in a particular town for a couple of months, it is vital that you find a secure office for yourself. When you put aside a particular place, whether or not a desk at your hotel or even a cafe down the road, it is vital that you concentrate solely on your company whilst you are there.

Attempt to find someplace that’s free, dependable wifi whilst you are travelling. If you are conducting a dropshipping business you’re going to be relying upon a secure online connection to work correctly. If you are in a remote area, you could always get a cell online hotspot that will assist you to link to the net, they are generally less than $10 and they can prove to be valuable for electronic nomads.

Handling Business Issues Whilst Travelling

When you are conducting your own e-commerce company whilst travelling the planet, you might encounter some technical problems with your shop. It is vital that you know how this will impact your company, and also the best approach to solve them, this way you will be back to work very quickly.

If you are running an e-commerce company, you will probably have to use your card comparatively often. This may result in some problems when you are travelling the planet, as your lender will probably have fraud detection methods in place that will flag you if they realise that your card is used from several distinct IP addresses. If you realise that your card has been obstructed, it is essential to keep in mind that this occurred primarily for your security, and also to notify your customers of any delays to your own orders.

Among the finest ways to visit Australia, the east coast, the west coast and the entire county, is to do a self-drive road trip in your campervan. Whether you have decided to purchase or lease your mobile home or want to know about cloud computing security on the road, we’ve got some tips suggestions from our experts Lou and Ian McBirdwheel to personally get you started on your campervan road trip Down Under.

Upfront Costs

Just like with a home extension, you will need to plan upfront for a number of things. For a campervan it is the following things, in addition to the expense of your van: automobile registration (in Australia that is known as ‘rego’); insurance; obtaining a roadworthy certificate (RWC) to your rego transport; and some other mechanical tests that you wish to do prior to purchasing. Australian nations have differing regulations, but in Victoria (down from the south) an overseas traveller may use the hotel or hostel they are staying at for enrollment purposes.

Hint: If you’ve got a rural address, your rego will charge less than in the case your car or truck is housed closer to the city. Many vehicles are offered with rego which could be transferred to your name, and it is also possible to on-sell rego left in your automobile when you are departing.

Hint: Eliminating the typical windscreen excess is well worth considering, as a stray stone can ruin, not only the day, but also your budget.

A present RWC is compulsory for shifting ownership. Unless you are a mechanic, do not get a car that does not have one. Paradoxically, the RWC just proves the car’s security features are in good shape, not the true engine.

Hint: for an exhaustive independent mechanical test, make sure that gasoline and electric compliance plates are also present.

You simply require a car license in case your car or truck weighs under 4.5 tonnes fully packed; therefore you should be OK unless you are purchasing a huge motorhome. It is advised you get an international driving license before you arrive in Australia.

Things to think about before purchasing

Leasing a campervan for a couple of days or a week before you purchase one may provide you with a sense of your needs, do you actually need an interior shower and bathroom? You can gain second storey extension ideas from your previous travels and try implement them here. There is no substitute for match-practice to sort out priorities. We utilized a spade and dug a deep hole for toilet time. Think about the auto’s background and kilometres; gas type and intake; 2WD or 4WD; battery setup and electricity; water tanks; storage; and relaxation. We cooked out on a cooker whenever possible, but if you intend to get your cooking indoors, the car’s ventilation is something to think about also.

Hint: Regardless of how much you really enjoy a car, do not accept maintenance and repairs have been completed without receipts affirming it. Request an up-to-date log of mechanical work done before you make a deal.

Things to watch out for

Obviously a second-hand campervan, and also one which has done some hive, will probably have some personality (read: wear and tear). You’ll have to work out exactly what repairs will cost you and what’s a real problem that you will not have the ability to repair. In Addition to the car’s service history, it is ideal to check the following:

  • Everything inside the can all work – the gas gauge to the indicators
  • Seatbelts
  • Tyre tread
  • The gears, brakes, steering work nicely with no pulling or vibrating
  • Rust or accident damage
  • Petroleum ought to be honey-coloured and translucent
  • Coolant ought to be clean rather than rust looking
  • No fumes, smoke, or dander in the motor if it is running (leave the motor running for a little while before and after your test drive)
  • The windscreen for chips or cracks.


It is Ideal to have different batteries for motor and campervan electricity. We purchased a solar panel and may go off-grid for four times powering the lights and refrigerator. Freezers eat electricity.

What Gear to take on the road

Most vendors will pass on the accessories they have acquired along the way. If you do not have a shower, a 20 solar shower bag would be well worth the investment. We also purchased a pop up ‘solitude en-suite’ shower stall. But ours had no pop-down directions (the ever-handy YouTube how-to videos did). At the conclusion of a very long drive we loved, not the least expensive or most streamlined, however most comfy folding seats. Other items which are a must-have:

  • Lots of bedding
  • Novels
  • Rechargeable headset torches
  • Roo whistles
  • 12v power board to plug into cigarette lighter
  • Inverter to utilize dry cell battery charger
  • Rechargeable lantern
  • Audio (lots of music).

A GPS is great, but old-fashioned maps and guidebooks are more enjoyable and more reliable.

Hint: When picking your mobile info Telstra will provide you the very best coverage that means that you can use your phone a number of this time. You will not have business computer support on the road as there will not be adequate coverage all the time, so if you need to stay connected consider travelling to areas where there is enough coverage.

Whether you adore iconic sports customs, visiting the latest hi-tech basketball arenas or enjoying the finest local cuisine, there is a renowned sports city for you.

With fast-paced games, lively crowds, fantastic meals and festive regional customs, NBA games appeal to sports enthusiasts of all types. Additionally, watching a match does not interrupt your entire day or night at the town you’re seeing, the vibe is more energetic and the competition is ferocious. If you are prepared to support your favourite players in world-class destinations throughout the nation, here are four fan-centric cities to see a professional baseball match this year.


Fans in Philly are sports-obsessed and faithful due to their Philadelphia 76ers who perform at the Wells Fargo Centre in South Philadelphia. You’ll see fans in basketball jerseys everywhere on game day and the whole city will have an exciting vibe. Splurge for a chair at the centre of all the action to appreciate being in the middle of the activity. The Sixers are super enthusiastic and so are their fans.

If you are not rooting for the Sixers, appreciate Philadelphia’s storied attractions, which delight history buffs and art fans alike. That is really where Betsy Ross stitched the country’s flag. It is the town where Rocky ran to the peak of the Philadelphia Museum of Art stairs. It is a land of innumerable museums, theatres, and murals. Obviously, the city is well-known for cheesesteaks, also, and you will find many leading restaurants to try while in the city. After attending the Sixers game and researching the very best of this city of brotherly love, settle in at The Logan Philadelphia, Curio Collection by Hilton, a trendy resort found in the heart of Logan Square, which recently underwent a multi-million dollar restoration.


There is more to the vibrant town than soccer. The Dallas Mavericks are a primary of Dallas. The team plays its home games in the centre of downtown Dallas at the American Airlines Centre and is owned by entrepreneur and “Shark Tank” celebrity Mark Cuban. Fans gather just outside the stadium in Victory Park prior to the game or catch a drink and a snack to eat. Additional highlights of Dallas include a selection of dining options from restaurants using Michelin-starred chefs to casual regional eateries combined with cheap lodging alternatives. The town is easy to navigate by the Dallas Area Rapid Transit rail system. Additionally, Dallas hosts varied attractions, such as the Dallas Museum of Art, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden.

Sacramento, California

Home to the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, this town boasts an all-star team, such as distinguished player DeMarcus Cousins, providing hope the Kings will go back to their former glory. What greater way to reinvigorate a group on the increase than using a shiny new stadium? Back in September, Sacramento supposedly unveiled the brand-new, $507 million Golden 1 Centre sports and entertainment complex. Grab yourself a team reversible singlet to get involved with the crowd and fit in with the die-hard fans.

If you are not seeing a match, make Certain to experience Sacramento’s emerging dining arena. Even a “farm-to-fork” destination with millions of acres of pristine California farmland, with countless plants grown during a 365-day growing year, and the town prides itself on its own farm-fresh food landscape. In keeping with this culinary standing, the concessions in the Golden 1 Centre are sourced almost entirely from the local area. Environmental and culinary virtues aside, the Golden 1 Centre may even appeal to engineering fans as it is home to the NBA’s initial 4K Ultra HD Centre-Hung Video Board, which is greater than 6,000 square feet, nearly expands baseline.

How do wine tasting festivals guarantee a quality experience and value for visitors? We talk with 3 individuals behind a few of the market’s finest occasions to hear their technique.


It was meant as a celebration of biodynamic yarra valley wines; those otherworldly in scope, made inning accordance with lunar rhythms and something aligned with exactly what professionals want to call “the cosmos”. The man and his better half had scheduled into all 4 sessions on the day of the Return to Terroir biodynamic wine tasting, a regular marquee event of the Melbourne Food and Wine Celebration. By the 3rd session, it was clear he was not visiting a fourth. Excessive wine had been taken in and he was asked to leave.


“The man ended up being upset,” remembers Natalie O’Brien, CEO of the festival. “He said it wasn’t explained to him when he booked that he must be spitting the wine out.” Thereafter, all festival presenters would reveal loudly at the start of each session that not just was spitting enabled, it was positively motivated. This is exactly what wine celebrations are made from– the finest of lines in between enjoying and things not behaving to script.


The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, which commemorates its 25th birthday this year, does it much better than a lot of. It finest fits the meaning of a traditional wine festival, with master classes, podiums, white tablecloths and sommeliers serving. However it is now being signed up with by a host of smaller, racier events that aren’t promoted so much as celebrations, but specific niche events customized to a specific group.


“Wine has done an extraordinary job of isolating its drinkers with its language and customs,” states Dan Sims of Bottle Store Concepts. He is behind events such as Game of Rhones (devoted to Rhone Valley grape varieties like Shiraz and grenache), Gauchito Gil Malbec World Day, VIN Diemen and Pinot Palooza.


“With Pinot Palooza, it is first a fun pinot celebration,” Dan states. “We market it like a music celebration.” He discovers music and real food along with excellent wine are central to the day’s success. “Wine is social. People wish to find out about wine the same way they consume it.”


Video game of Rhones is all about Rhone Valley grape varieties and gets everybody in costume mode, channelling their inner Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, and its target audience is the typical punter. The ratio of punters to manufacturers is the essential to success, according to Dan. Go any higher than 22 punters to one manufacturer and it just doesn’t work, he states. Video game of Rhones is the only festival that Brown Brothers attends. “It’s a great deal of enjoyable,” says Brown Brothers’ PR supervisor Caroline Brown. “And an excellent way to align your brand name with other like-minded brand names.”


Rootstock, which welcomes producers of “natural” wines, is smaller sized once again. Wine occasions do not come more specialised. “We knew we might unite a varied, wild, fun, helpful, edgy event that Sydney had not seen, and hoped individuals would enter it,” says co-founder, Sydney-based wine author Mike Bennie.


The very first event in 2013, hung on a single day, brought in around 3500 people. The 2nd Rootstock stretched over 2 days with 13,500 in attendance, and last November, its 3rd showing was set to be just as huge. Now it seems Rootstock might head overseas for its launching in Tokyo this year too. For Rootstock, winemakers are approached by invite only. Speakers such as Bruce Pascoe, the Aboriginal author/farmer, are selected for their “optimal impact”. Mike firmly insists that just yarra valley wineries put the wines at his event. “No reps and no marketing individuals.” This, Mike says, goes a long way toward developing a various environment and level of engagement.


The Melbourne Food and Wine Celebration has actually outlasted many contemporaries, in part due to its financial backing from the Victorian State Federal government and City of Melbourne, as well as since it is constantly progressing. It is not about selling or promoting wine, something some producers probably do not want to hear. “It has to do with an experience,” states Natalie O’Brien, strongly and typically. “Some makers have actually told us, ‘We require a database, we have to offer our wine’, but they need to fulfil our criteria, what we are doing, and for us, it has to be a strong consumer experience.”


Producers have their favoured wine festivals too. With costs increasing, the bottom line is necessary. And there’s the question of preventing “seagulls”– those who want everything free of charge. Events likewise have a use-by date. “I remember the Rutherglen Red [wine train to Rutherglen] and Yarra Valley Grape grazing,” remembers wine marketer Kathy Lane of Fireworks PR. “They were fantastic for their time, but you’ve got to keep recreating yourself.”


Susie Campbell, marketing manager at Campbell’s Wines, confesses her family company has crossed off some “exhausted” occasions. “After a while you either find the very same people turning up, year in year out, or the quality of attendees might drop, so we intend to trial new occasions,” she says.


Many prefer day events only, as night occasions can develop into mixer. And fresh food is important “Good food draws in a great, wine-interested audience,” says one wine maker. Quality glass wares too. “We do not favour celebrations where people taste from non reusable plastic cups,” Susie states.


The security of ladies is likewise of issue. Young women now have the tendency to control the wine festival attending group. Sixty percent of attendees to events staged by Bottle Store Ideas are ladies. The under-35 market is rising to 67 per cent females and in some cities it’s closer to 75 per cent. Natalie O’Brien states it is Millennials, the 25- to 35-year-olds, who now dominate the Melbourne celebration attendances.


For Chicago-born wine maker Brad Hickey from Brash Higgins in McLaren Vale, reaching out to a more youthful age group is essential. “The Australian wine scene is not extremely big, so it’s amazing how many countless individuals we have actually connected with [at celebrations], which is great for a small winery like Brash Higgins.”

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Recently, International food, restaurant and hotel consultancy Baum + Whiteman launched the 13 most popular Food & Drink Trends in Restaurant & Hotel Dining for 2017. It takes a thorough look into the dining industry: From the concern of falling food rates hurting restaurants to the rise of delivery-only food launch.


Vegetables will continue its increase on the supper plate, as animal proteins and heavy side dishes give way for more vegetarian alternatives. According to Pinterest, there’s an increase in the word “veggies” in its comfort food searches by 336% last year, while words such as “lasagna,” “macaroni” and “Stroganoff” were off by 69%, 55% and 50%, respectively. Exactly what this indicates is that much more individuals are most likely to buy real food like mashed cauliflower instead of rice and pasta, and (if possible) request for veggie crust for much healthier pizza.


With the increase of vegetarian alternatives out there, anticipate push back from the other end. This is available in the type of artisanal butcher shops-cum-restaurants, which fortify individuals’ love for meat. Providing a high end flair to the craft of butchery, this “butcher-to-table” trend lets consumers strap on their womens shoes and be in awe with the preparation of whatever from grilled steak to charcuterie. Plus, you’ll get to eat them right now.


For much of us, all day breakfast is hardly a brand-new principle However with numerous junk food chain offerings such as the “Brunchfast” at Jack-in-the-box and enlivened breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks, exactly what’s particularly special about this pattern in 2017 is how the texture of breakfast will change. Forget smoother breakfast offerings such as soft scrambled eggs, buttered grits, or oatmeal. What you’ll discover are the so-called, more “aggressive” crunchier items like fried chicken, crispy chorizo and chimichurri. As a bonus, smaller chains and independent restaurants will justify these around-the-clock breakfast products as perfect hangover treatments!


Keep in mind the days when kale represented all that is healthy? Well, inning accordance with Whole Foods’ previous worldwide grocery coordinator, it’s time to say goodbye (at least when it concerns the consumer packaged variation). Nowadays, there are a lot more alternatives if you’re searching for healthy vegetables that are likewise good for minimizing food waste. For instance, there’s a large series of seaweeds, which pack in more umami flavours for different broths. And as for the waste-not economy, lots of chefs are keeping an eye out for more recent, more intriguing alternatives such as beet greens, chard, turnip greens, mustard greens, and carrot tops. Given that kale appears to have passed by its peak, prepare to discover other yet-to-be-discovered vegetable for imaginative, brand-new meals.


Initially, there were acai bowls. Then, there was poké In 2017, consuming from bowls will be taking control of even more as restaurants are moving from serving handheld products to putting in bowls like Korean. There are numerous advantages to this pattern. Not just is it less likely for what remains in the takeaway bowls to get splattered on the office desktop with your colleagues womens boots, it’s also much easier and faster to put together a bowl than plated high end meals. Furthermore, holding a bowl would likely make you mentally more vulnerable to mindfulness. You’ll feel a full a lot much faster, and have the ability to savour all the flavours and textures with every bite. Exactly what’s not to like?

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Cafe del Mar, the world-famous bar that stemmed on the Spanish island of Ibiza, will open in Rockingham, Fremantle or Scarborough next year. The WA location will be Australia’s 2nd after the opening of Cafe del Mar in Sydney’s Darling Harbour in 2013. Coffee shop del Mar managing director Anthony Leenders and president John Zappia will check out the three prospective sites for the 200-seat restaurant, bar and rooftop bar today.

Mr Leenders told Hospitality magazine that Perth had more to use than other Australian city, in spite of the end of the mining and construction boom, also involving cranes South Australia, and its impact on the State’s economy. “At the time of the boom, the State was exclusively focused on mining. With that came a spike in rent, domestic and industrial sales in addition to overall food and drink rate increases, hence making it hard to look at Western Australia at that time,” Mr Leenders said.

“The resources boom has actually fallen and rates are at a 20-year low. The State Federal government has actually now positioned tourism and hospitality at the top of the list, with new advancements currently under construction, so I feel the time is right for Coffee shop del Mar to enter the Perth market.” The websites being thought about are along Rockingham’s foreshore, within a redevelopment of Fremantle’s Woolstores shopping center using equipment such as low loaders, and near to the brand-new pool being built at Scarborough beach.

Mark McGowan, Opposition Leader, and Paul Papalia, shadow tourism minister, are thought to be fulfilling the Cafe del Mar delegation in Rockingham today. They will also meet a representative from the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, which is leading the $26 million building of a public swimming pool at Scarborough.

Understood for bring in top DJs, Coffee shop del Mar has actually been at the heart of Ibiza’s clubbing scene because it opened in 1980. It has spread out beyond the Balearic Island Coffee shop del Mar will open its 3rd venue in Seminyak, Bali, in 2018, and the 25,000 sqm website will be the brand’s biggest. A 3rd Australian place is prepared to open in Melbourne in 2019. Places in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore are because of open in 2019-20. Cafe del Mar intends to open in Perth in October.

An expression of interest file states the place will serve “authentic Mediterranean cuisine” made from “just the very best and best locally sourced fruit and vegetables”.

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Holidaymakers struggling with vertigo may wish to offer this frightening infinity pool a miss out on.

Neglecting the Dolomites, the striking structure is suspended 40 feet in the air and has a glass window to offer brave bathers the feeling of swimming through the sky.

The remarkable 82-feet-long-pool is part of a brand-new extension at Hotel Hubertus, a wellness resort for skiers and hikers in South Tyrol, Italy.

From the hotel’s roofing balcony, thrillseekers can plunge into the swimming pool’s fresh mountain water from the beautifully constructed pool pavers and float above the breath-taking Italian panorama.

The cantilevered pool, designed by architecture studio Noa, is set down above the ground on larch tree trunks.

Noa architect Lukas Rungger told MailOnline Travel: ‘For the design of the pool we were owned by the goal to blur the physical limitations to develop an element, which is linking with the landscape, mirroring the clouds and framing scenic views.’

The design team told Dezeen: ‘The position of the swimming pool, which drifts 12 metres in the air, at its severe edge, provides the swimmer the feeling of floating– weightlessly in between paradise and earth.

‘This impression is further reinforced by the glass front and a glazed window on the bottom of the swimming pool.’

To make the experience of the pool landscaping feel more severe and surreal for swimmers, the anthracite sides of the structure match the colour combination of the incredible views, blurring the borders in between the two.

The designers stated this creates ‘the impression of the water flowing into absolutely nothing, vanishing in between swimming pool and landscape’.

In addition to the nail-biting swimming pool, the brand-new extension to Hotel Hubertus contains 16 Alpine suites, a dining establishment and lounge.

The scenic hideaway also boasts a sun balcony, 6 indoor and outside pool in addition to Alpenreych Medical spa.

The modern chalet hotel is a hikers sanctuary located at the base of the Kronplatz mountains


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Individuals all over the world are buying air harvested from the beautiful environment of the Yarra Valley, a beautiful area in Victoria which is host to an array of wineries in Yarra Valley

In an Australian very first, an innovative set have actually established an air harvesting business, actually earning money from thin air.

Green and Clean directors John Dickinson and Theo Ruygrok harvest air from some of Australia’s the majority of renowned areas, consisting of the Yarra Valley, Bondi Beach and the Blue Mountains, and sell it as a canned item.

“It’s difficult for some people in Australia to get their head around however when you travel beyond Australia and check out parts of China and India where individuals reside in locations where you cannot even see throughout the roadway because of contamination– fresh air ends up being a considerable topic,” Mr Dickinson said.

“We have people from all over the world buying our air; Chinese and Indian individuals really feel great about having some fresh air and there is also the traveller side of things where people can literally take a bit of Australia home with them.”

Mr Dickinson said air harvesting was much more complex than merely holding a container up in the sky; his business has developed a sophisticated air-capturing system using specialised compression and air drying innovation.

Aussie air is proving popular overseas.

“What we are attempting to do is capture air from that area exactly as it is at that location,” he said.

“Some people tell us they can smell and taste the distinction of areas.”

So what does it cost? What is Yarra Valley air worth?– $18.80 a can– each of which holds about 130 breaths, yet allows people to feel as though they are in one of the restaurants in Yarra Valley

Mr Dickinson stated there was currently a stockpile, with the company having to conduct more gathering to satisfy needs.

He said individuals can anticipate seeing the air cans in retail outlets and in a lot of major airports since next month.

Green and Clean’s air products can also be purchased online at

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I have been recently looking at travelling the Great Ocean Road and was looking at some places that I should put on my bucket list. I found this very good read about some really nice places to make sure you stop by along the way.

Enjoy the read!

Where to eat and drink along the Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Hugging the cliffs and headlands of the forests of the Otway Ranges as they drop down into Bass Strait, Victoria’s Great Ocean Road is an iconic scenic drive linking old fishing towns and secluded surf beaches.

The Great Ocean Road made the news across the globe on Christmas Day. Raging fires destroyed forest and homes in the sleepy hamlets of Wye River and Separation Creek and forced the evacuation of the town of Lorne.

Thankfully the damage was limited to a relatively small area of this 250-kilometre drive and your favourite Apollo Bay accommodation was not impacted The Great Ocean Road starts at Torquay, 1½hours west of Melbourne, and finishes at Allansford near Warrnambool, offering some outstanding eating and drinking destinations along the way. Some of the best are hidden or a little harder to find. Here is a list of some of our favourite places, old and new, offering the true taste of this coastal odyssey.


lorne accommodation



When restaurateur Kosta Talimanidis bought back his eponymous Lorne beachside restaurant last year the townsfolk applauded his homecoming. He, his wife, Pam, and sons Alex and Dominic, have revamped the site, giving it a cool, clean, modern makeover and renaming it Ipsos, serving modern Greek food. And don’t forget to join their customer loyalty program. Come for the lamb keftedes served with tzatziki and oven-baked potatoes with salt and oregano, or the Queenscliff snapper with tomato, onion, spices, and parsley and black olive salsa. Not far from Lorne, with its stately resorts and holiday homes, is Aireys Inlet. This village in the stringybark forest is best known for its 1891 white-and-red lighthouse on the ochre-hued headland. Here the Talimanidis family have a sister restaurant called A La Grecque The food here is a marriage between traditional northern Greek cuisine and modern Australian. Try the tender pickled octopus served with smoky char-grilled spring onions, soused onions and eggplant salad enriched with feta.

Across the road is the Aireys Pub A few years back there were plans to tear down this much-loved watering hole. A handful of locals joined forces and gave this old boozer a new lease of life as a family-friendly diner and bar serving good local wines and beers (it’s now home to microbrewery Rogue Wave) and casual meals served in an atmosphere true to the pub’s surfie roots. Dinner could be local king george whiting battered in house ale with chips or a Birregurra lamb fillet with yuzu and miso jus. Enjoy the meal admiring the azure waters off Fairhaven Beach, or the Jeff Raglus (of Mambo fame) artwork on the wall.

Further west, towards the wild and untamed coast of Cape Otway, with its hidden bays once home to moonshine distilleries and pirate-like seafarers, is the fishing port of Apollo Bay. On the main drag is a nondescript set of stairs leading to a restaurant serving lamb, beef and pork from animals raised by La Bimba chef and owner Steve Earl. He also specialises in flipping fresh fish landed by the fishing boats in the harbour nearby. La Bimba is small and casual with a view out over Apollo Bay. Earl serves whole fish cooked on the bone and grilled dry-aged, grass-fed beef steaks without fuss and pretention. With a tight, mostly local wine list and local beers, this is a place of simple luxuries. Just out of town, perched on a bluff overlooking the endless swell rolling in from Bass Strait is Chris’s Beacon Point Restaurant This is a decades-old icon serving contemporary southern Mediterranean-inspired dishes such as spice-cured ocean trout gravlax with poached egg crusted with dukkah, dressed with saffron and lemon; finish with a dessert of walnut and pistachio baklava with mastic ice-cream and cherry preserve. Chris’s also offers excellent on-site accommodation.


On the road

The Great Ocean Road is one of the world’s great road trips and best enjoyed broken up with frequent stops. At the little farming village of Freshwater Creek is made perhaps the nation’s best sponge cake. A large, fresh home-made sponge cake is filled with fresh whipped cream, topped with a thick layer of passionfruit icing, sold for under $20 at Freshwater Creek Cakes – and is completely delicious.
650 Anglesea Road, Freshwater Creek


Further west is the holiday town of Anglesea, best known for its protected and patrolled beaches and riot of wildflowers in spring. Here you’ll find the surfie munchies haven of Jum’s BBQ Chickens – famous for it apres-surf hot chips and gravy.
77 Great Ocean Road, Anglesea


On the banks of the Erskine River at Lorne, on a sandbar linked to the main drag by a picturesque swing bridge, a young Argentine chef roasts chickens in the colder months over coals in an outdoor asador at the Swing Bridge Cafe At any time of the year this a great spot for brunch and coffee, and a must go to place if you have grabbed some close by Lorne accommodation Chef and owner Jorge Guerrero also cooks great Argentine-inspired grilled meats at the Lorne Bowls Club, at 35 Mountjoy Parade.
30 Great Ocean Road, Lorne


There is a macabre beauty to the twisted black trunks of the gnarled blue gums burned by the Christmas Day fires at Wye River. While scores of homes in the hills were destroyed, the Wye River Pub and General Store survived and are still surrounded by green bush. Nestled between the banks of the Wye River and the wide surf beach the Wye River General Store has a modern dark wall and marine plywood decor and serves good coffee, sells very good sourdough bread and serves fast, light meals such as a shredded pork burger with slaw, barbecue sauce and aioli.


Perhaps pick up some lunch for a picnic at nearby Carisbrook Creek. Here the mouth of the creek has been covered in hundreds of stacks of beach rocks placed by local artists, giving the rocky beach the feeling of being inhabited by alien beings or strange troglodytes. Further west, in Apollo Bay, stop for coffee or local beers at The Bay Leaf Cafe (131 Great Ocean Road) or try the brews at the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse at the historic Ballarat Hotel.


One of life’s great pleasures at Apollo Bay is to buy a serve of flake (gummy shark) and chips from the Apollo Bay Fisherman’s Co-op and walk out along the jetty and watch the southern rock lobsters being unloaded from the cray boats. Trafalgar Street, Apollo Bay.




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Renting a car through a rental agency is a great way to secure transportation during your vacation or business trip. Most people are happy to pay the charges for their rental car, but these fees may seem monstrous if you are on a budget. Thankfully, you can lower the costs of your vehicle by avoiding some of the common mistakes that renters usually make. Read through some of the mistakes below and learn how you can keep your rental vehicle costs as manageable as possible.

Mistake #1 – Renting a Car at the Airport

You need to make a multitude of arrangements when you go on vacation. You must find a flight, a hotel, and you also need to plan your activities. Most people know that they can deal with rental car arrangements when they arrive at their destination, but securing a vehicle at the airport can increase your costs substantially. Your costs are increased, because the vehicle business must rent space at the airport and these costs are passed on to consumers in the form of taxes and higher daily rental rates. In some cases, daily tax rates can exceed $20.

Also, when you rent a car at the last minute, the car rental facility may not have inexpensive compact cars available. This is especially true if you are renting a car during the Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday season or if you have chosen to travel during spring break. If cheap cars are not available, you will be asked to choose a luxury vehicle that is far more expensive than a sedan.

Rent in Advance or Find an Off-site Business

If you want to save yourself some money, consider renting your car in advance and picking it up at the airport when you arrive. This will help to cut down on tax rates. You can also look for a rental business with a lot a mile or two away from the airport. These rental businesses such as Jamieson Rentals are generally much cheaper than airport facilities, because you are not paying for the easy rental convenience. Both taxi cabs and shuttles can transport you to the rental business. You will need to pay the taxi driver, but the costs will be far less than your overall rental car savings.

When you arrive at the rental company, rent your car for the duration of your trip even if you do not need the vehicle for the full one or two weeks of your vacation. Typically, daily rates are reduced significantly the longer you rent your car. This means that overall fees may be similar for a five day rental as they are for a seven to ten day rental.

Mistake #2 – Purchasing Rental Car Insurance

Contact Your Auto Insurance Company

It is always wise to make sure that every vehicle you drive is fully covered in case of an accident or theft. This does not mean that you need to purchase rental car insurance though, because you may already be covered. Many auto insurance companies place importance on customer engagement, and offer basic damage coverage on rental cars, so check with your insurance carrier to find out if this is the case before you rent your car.

Speak With Your Credit Card Company

Some credit card companies also offer insurance protection as long as you use the card to rent your vehicle. If you are planning on using your credit card to pay for your rental car, contact the company beforehand to see if they offer protection. The credit card company will offer either primary or secondary coverage, and you should be aware of the coverage type before you rent your car. Primary insurance covers the vehicle repair costs directly while secondary insurance covers expenses that are not paid for by your automotive or rental insurance.

Consider Travelers Insurance

Securing travelers insurance is another good way to make sure your rental car is covered in case of an accident. Travelers insurance covers rental car and personal property damage and it also offers protection against medical expenses and legal costs. This means that the insurance covers much more than rental car insurance and you can tailor an inexpensive plan to your needs. Also, you only need to pay for the insurance during your trip.

Renting a car is often necessary if you need to travel around a large city during your vacation. You do not want to pay too much for your car though, and this means you need to avoid airport rentals and you should consider skipping the rental car insurance.